Knitty Gritty Handwarmers

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Hi All,

Now that another semester of college is behind me, its time for me to start focusing on my crafts again! Today, I want to share a quick project that I made in under one hour! I got this pattern from an old episode of Knitty Gritty! If you haven’t seen Knitty Gritty, it is a knitting and DIY show hosted by the incomparable Vickie Howell, which used to come on the DIY network. The show has been off the air for a few years now, but the patterns remain fabulous.

These handwarmers were knit with straight needles, with stockinette stitch and a rib stitch edging. To make the hole for the thumb, you simply sew inward from both ends of the handwarmers until you have the desired length leftover for the thumb entry.

What I love about this pattern is the ease with which it can be personalized. I knitted these with sock yarn and made them relatively short. However, you can use any yarn to create any texture, length, or style desired!

-Mika ❤

New Year, New Designs

Hi everyone!

It’s been so long since my last post. I’ve been so busy lately I’ve almost neglected my crafts! Today, I want to share one of my most prized creations.

This vest is my own design and took approximately 2 months to make. I love designs that have an element of surprise which is why I chose to use two different colors for the front and the back.

A fun fact about this vest is that it was originally intended to be made entirely in seed stitch. I changed my mind after knitting about 20 rows seed stitch and switched to a rib stitch, which ended up being quite serendipitous, as my last minute change of plans created a peplum effect on my vest.

As you know, I live for all types of crafts. In addition to knitting and fiber arts, I also enjoy bellydancing in my free time. During my latest performance I got to put my new vest to use as I danced in it!

(*Photo credit to LJPhotos!)


Sending peace and love,

Mika ❤

Tickled Pink

SAM_2391 (2)


Now that I’m back in school, it’s worth it to take some time for myself and enjoy the perfection of nature. In an effort to simplify, I minimize my accessories, and maximize my appreciation of the present moment. This was a very easy task considering the beauty and tranquility of the trail where I took these photos. As I indulge in my day of relaxation, I feel connected and rejuvenated. I now feel prepared to take on any task that awaits me.


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Warm and Cozy Earmuff

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Hi all,

While winter may be far off, its never too early to begin crafting for the cold weather.  This project took approximately 3-4 hours to make and is constructed with Loops and Threads Country Loom yarn. What I thought would simply be an over-sized headband, I realized could be used as the perfect earmuff! It is extremely cozy and the perfect remedy for protecting your forehead and ears from the bitter winter winds. I think this could make the perfect go-to gift. (especially for Christmas!)


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Textured Lace Cowl

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Hi all,

Lately I’ve been feeling as though the majority of my posts focus on my love of style, leaving my love of knitting in the shadows. Well, today I hope to put an end to that! Today, I’m sharing one of my most recent FO’s (finished objects) with you.

This is my Textured Lace Cowl made with Caron Simply Soft yarn, and size 8 straight needles.  I designed this piece myself, and as you can see, the bulk of the pattern is comprised of the trinity stitch, which is a simple, yet complex looking stitch that combines both lace and bobbles into one pattern. It’s extremely textured and fun to look at! I’ve said before that I am a sucker for cowls – and this has always been the case. I not only love thick cowls that can be worn in bitterly cold weather, but I love the idea of a light, lacy cowl that serves the purpose of decoration as well!


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