New Year, New Designs

Hi everyone!

It’s been so long since my last post. I’ve been so busy lately I’ve almost neglected my crafts! Today, I want to share one of my most prized creations.

This vest is my own design and took approximately 2 months to make. I love designs that have an element of surprise which is why I chose to use two different colors for the front and the back.

A fun fact about this vest is that it was originally intended to be made entirely in seed stitch. I changed my mind after knitting about 20 rows seed stitch and switched to a rib stitch, which ended up being quite serendipitous, as my last minute change of plans created a peplum effect on my vest.

As you know, I live for all types of crafts. In addition to knitting and fiber arts, I also enjoy bellydancing in my free time. During my latest performance I got to put my new vest to use as I danced in it!

(*Photo credit to LJPhotos!)


Sending peace and love,

Mika ❤


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Designs

  1. Beautiful! I agree, seed stitch looks lovely, but takes forever to knit. I like the seed stitch only at the bottom. Gives it an interesting look 🙂

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