Textured Lace Cowl

IMG_0896 (2)

Hi all,

Lately I’ve been feeling as though the majority of my posts focus on my love of style, leaving my love of knitting in the shadows. Well, today I hope to put an end to that! Today, I’m sharing one of my most recent FO’s (finished objects) with you.

This is my Textured Lace Cowl made with Caron Simply Soft yarn, and size 8 straight needles.  I designed this piece myself, and as you can see, the bulk of the pattern is comprised of the trinity stitch, which is a simple, yet complex looking stitch that combines both lace and bobbles into one pattern. It’s extremely textured and fun to look at! I’ve said before that I am a sucker for cowls – and this has always been the case. I not only love thick cowls that can be worn in bitterly cold weather, but I love the idea of a light, lacy cowl that serves the purpose of decoration as well!


IMG_0895 (2)


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