Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2015 Review

vk cover fall 2015

There’s nothing I look forward to every three months more than the latest issue of Vogue Knitting.   I’m the type of fan that checks VK’s website more than once a week to see if they’ve posted their fashion preview for the next issue.  I’m the type of fan that reads all of VK’s books, reads anything Soho Publishing, and orders back issues of magazines.

Now, I’m the type of fan who does reviews of said magazines. I want to note that I didn’t review each and every single item. For my first review, I’m simply counting down my top 10 favorite pieces.

#10 – Crew Neck Pullover (Deborah Newton)


The first thing I want to note is that the color choice could not have been any better for this pattern! I love the chevron texture featured in this design. It’s a very simple pullover, but the texture adds just the right amount of interest.

#9 – Open Front Cardigan (Rosemary Drysdale)


My favorite thing about this pattern is the shoulders.  They are so strong and structured! This is a little unique for a cardigan, so it definitely grabbed my attention. Also, I love the ribbing in the lower back of the cardigan, which creates such a soft, barely-there ruffle.

#8 – Tubular Scarf (Laura Zukaite)


What can I say? I’m a complete sucker for cables. This scarf is luxurious and features so many different types of cables – so for me this pattern is a dream come true!

#7 – Multi Directional Cardigan (Veera Valimaki)


There’s a lot going on in this pattern. There are stripes, lace, and a variety of stitch patterns. However, all of these elements work together harmoniously and make for a stunning cardigan.

#6 – Shoulder Cowl (Jacqueline Van Dillen)


This pattern is breathtaking. My favorite thing about this piece is that it is so simple and minimal, yet so full of drama. This piece sets a mood and has an attitude, yet can be worn in such a wide variety of ways. Definitely love at first sight for me. 🙂

#5 – Fringed Cardigan (Heather Zoppetti)


What a playful design! I love the color combination here – as I feel that purple and white aren’t a particularly common combination. The fringe detail gives this design the perfect touch of whimsy.

#4 – Cabled Wrist Warmers (Olga Rych)


These are by far some of the most sophisticated wrist warmers I have ever seen! Once again, we see a very intricate yet chic cabled design. The soft rose pink of the yarn balances out the texture of the cables to create the perfect balance.

#3 – Cabled Pullover (Debbie Bliss)


Another intricate design featuring a variety of cables. I love the perfect symmetry of this pattern. Yet another example of a piece that is minimal in its own right – yet full of complex design as well.

#2 – Relaxed Cardigan (Yoko Hatta)


This cardigan has a fabulous silhouette.  I love the detail in the back of the cardigan, in which the three large sections of the piece come together at one point. Overall, this cardigan is incredibly flattering and unique.

#1 – Oversized Cowl (Holli Yeoh)


There are so many factors that contributed to my choosing this cowl as my favorite piece. If there’s anything I adore more than cables, it would be a fabulous pattern for a cowl.  The choice of yarn color is extremely eye catching. The design of the cowl is simple, yet the piece itself creates such a huge impact. This piece is versatile, comfortable, practical and breathtakingly beautiful. Definitely a winner in my book.



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