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Today’s look is inspired by change.  A change in lifestyle, a change in mindset, and a change within myself. When I look at old pictures of myself or even inside my closet, I am overwhelmed with options and constantly find myself complaining that, “I have nothing to wear!”

I would get immensely frustrated trying to close drawers in my bedroom, as it was almost impossible to do so, with them being so full of clothes. It caused me a huge deal of frustration. I had so many things, but I wasn’t happy.

Now, I’ve embarked on a project to become more minimalist, and nourish my soul with not just a bunch of material objects, but by doing (and wearing) thing that make me happy. Not only with my style, but with my life. I’ve already donated a huge chunk of my closet to GoodWill and have only kept the clothes that speak to my spirit. I’m hoping that this lifestyle change will not only bring me peace, but more creativity and joy.


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