My Kind of Minimalism

image4 (2)

 I know what you’re thinking…”THIS is minimalist??!”

When I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, “Let’s try to do something a little more low-key, while still being simply Mika.”  However, after my attempt at minimalism, I have begun to realize that some styles just may not be right for me, and that is okay. I love to incorporate a variety of clothes, colors, and silhouettes into my style…simultaneously. This is not exactly minimalist. But who knows? Maybe one day, I’ll get the hang of this minimalist thing. But even if not, I have no problem playing to my strengths, and wearing what I already know makes me feel unstoppable.




4 thoughts on “My Kind of Minimalism

  1. I really like all of the brown tones. I, Ryan, like to be minimal, but still enjoy wearing bright colors and loud patterns. Really like how you you stayed true to yourself. Nice post.

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