My First Craft Fair


Today, I participated in my very first craft fair!!!

Total. Dream. Come. True.

I remember the first craft fair I ever visited.  It was a winter showcase, and what seemed like hundreds and hundreds of vendors were dispersed throughout the venue. I was in awe of the amount of talent that surrounded me.  And I was infinitely inspired.  Not just by the knitters but by the seamstresses, chefs, jewelry designers and all others in between.

These people were all doing what they love, and fearlessly sharing it with the world.

Today at my first craft fair, I made a total of $60.  Not a bad profit, but no where near selling out my total supply.  But that wasn’t the point.

Today, I introduced “The Novelty Knitter” to the world in a new way, and I do not regret it for a moment.

I know that the only way to go from here is up, and I am soooo excited for the journey.


Mika ❤


9 thoughts on “My First Craft Fair

  1. That is so awesome I also love knitting/crocheting and I have a little business in my town. I love what you are doing keep it up if you are content with little then when you get much you will know how to handlw it. God bless you and I’m pray that you get you business up and popping

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful words. My dream is to have my own business and it is very affirming to know that another business owner believes in my potential. I would love to know more about your business and how you were able to establish yourself. 🙂

      • Well I’ve been knitting since I was 8 and I had always known that I wanted a business some day so my mom helps me because she has one and she sells my products in her store. I also do some orders at my church and im working on business cards with my mom now. Its not easy because people are always trying to lower prices and get more for less. But I make quality products I asked my mom to help me price them she has been in business for over 10years now. I love what I do and I’m willing to start small and then get bigger and bigger one day I might have a website as well of and I’m 15 1/2

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