Knitting: My Love-Hate Affair

I love this list of Things Learned from Knitting! These are all so true…

Fearless Creative

Me and my bright ideas. (side note… I’ll give someone a dollar if you can tell me how many of my posts have started out exactly that same way.)

A dear friend is about to have a dear daughter. Naturally any old gift won’t do… I have to knit her a baby bib.

Did I mention she’s at 35 weeks already?

And let me tell you….I’m not gonna make it. The kid’s gonna be 6 before I finish this damn thing. But, if there’s one thing knitting has taught me, it’s patience…but really, knitting has taught me a lot, so in honor of the little munchkin, I thought I’d do a post on Things I’ve Learned From Knitting.

  • Like many things in life, you get better results when you stop holding on so tightly.
  • There will always be mistakes. Sometimes you can fix them. Sometimes you can ignore them. Sometimes you…

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