My Favorite Project

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This sweater is by far my favorite creation, and I’m so excited to share it with you today! It is made from Patons Classic Merino Wool in a basic cable stitch pattern.  The pattern comes from the “Love of Knitting” Fall 2010 issue.

The most difficult thing about this pattern is the picked up stitches used to create the collar and front flaps. So, as you can imagine, there definitely were moments where I abandoned my sweater for weeks at a time, meanwhile indulging myself in novelty yarn and basic garter stitch scarves.

blue sweater pattern

Ocean Blue Cardigan “Love of Knitting” Fall 2010


When I first saw this piece, my jaw dropped. I just KNEW I had to have it. When I created this piece 3 years ago, as a beginner, I was very intimidated by the thought of making something so gorgeous and complex-looking for my first sweater.  But after 3 months of love and labor, my end result proved to be just as beautiful as what I saw in my magazine, and I was infinitely inspired. ❤

I think that this is one of the greatest things about knitting (and crafting in general). If you have a vision, you can create it. If you are a fan of someone else’s vision, you can interpret it. There is no end to the amount of inspiration you can find or the number of ideas you can have. If you love what you do, the possibilities are endless.

-Mika 🙂


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