Beehive Hat

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This is one of my favorite hats that I’ve ever made. I call it the Beehive hat, and I hand crocheted it from a Vogue Knitting pattern. What I love most about the pattern is the wonderful use of texture, and the warm, amber colored yarn which never gets tiring to look at!

What do you think of the hat?  This pattern came from the book “Vogue Knitting on the Go: Crocheted Hats”. ❤



14 thoughts on “Beehive Hat

    • Thank you so much! I love when designs feature that sort of popcorn effect! I think any design that incorporates such beautiful texture is not only more interesting to look at, but also more fun to knit/crochet! 🙂

  1. The hat you presented today is quite interesting. I agree with your comment concerning the color of the hat. It is rich and pleasing to look at. I am interested in your breadth of style. Cheers!

  2. That is sooo cute! It has a kinda slouch/ casual thing going on, yet it’s one of those hats that makes you look like you’ve dressed up especially for the day 🙂 #want!

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