New Beginnings

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Happy Valentine’s Day! What a great day to start a blog! I want to begin my blogging experience by explaining how my love for both knitting and fashion have led me to create a blog dedicated to both.

My interest in knitting was piqued six years ago after seeing hand-knit bags made by one of my peers. I was completely awestruck by the fact that she was able to create such professional, beautiful pieces with her own two hands! I soon received a knitting kit, and with the help of my mom, taught myself to make garter stitch scarves and coin purses. The act of knitting alone had become my therapy, and I soon fell in love with it.

During a visit to my local library, I checked out my first pattern book, Knitgrrl by Shannon Okey. My entire perception of knitting was changed. The patterns were far more intricate, fashionable, and exciting than anything I had ever imagined myself creating. As a beginner, these patterns seemed too far out of my league.

Yet, I didn’t immediately return the book. I kept it as a source of inspiration, something I could aspire to. I practiced my knitting incessantly and when I was ready, I tried my first pattern, a water bottle carrier. When my efforts proved successful, I remembered feeling delighted. Not only had I enjoyed the act of knitting as before, but I had created a piece that was complex and featured a beautiful design. It was a real work of art.

From then on, as my crafting empire expanded to encompass crochet, sewing, card-making, and scrapbooking, I began to look at crafting with a more fashion-oriented perspective. I didn’t just want to create something, I wanted to create something INTRIGUING, something people would respond to. I wanted to create something exciting. I wanted to craft fashion.

While many may say that knitting and fashion are conflicting and unrelated, I believe that together, they are perfectly harmonious. The two both satisfy my creative needs and are a source of inspiration, separately. Together, this impact is only greater, as my two loves have provided me with strength and joy for the past six years. 🙂

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~ Have a wonderful and creative day! ~



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